Trapped – interactive play about bullying and self confidence for Years 3 – 7

Serena has just moved to a new school and thought she was fitting in really well. The only thing is, that there is someone who is making life a bit difficult for her at the moment – another pupil who is part of the ‘in crowd’. Nothing serious has happened…yet, but Serena is feeling more and more uncomfortable as the days progress and that person’s behaviour seems to be getting worse. Serena isn’t even sure if she is being ‘bullied’, after all, what is ‘bullying’, and how can she do something about it, without making the situation worse? The performance includes hot seating of the characters, role play and scene devising.

Topics covered – fitting in, peer pressure, bullying – who, why, how, self esteem and sources of help.
Session time 60 – 75 minutes.

Code Red – an interactive play about growing up for Years 5 & 6

code_red_a5Serena and Jamie are 13 and have always been the best of friends, so why is suddenly everything different between them? Jamie thinks that Serena is being moody and secretive and Serena thinks Jamie has become obsessed with girls and growing a beard! To make matters worse, Serena has started ‘going out’ with an older boy who has muscles and shaves – making Jamie both worried for Serena and jealous. Jamie decides to use the local radio’s ‘teen trauma’ helpline to try and get to the bottom of why things are changing. The workshop consists of discussion, character hot seating and direction of the characters to create a follow on scene where a positive solution can be found.

Topics Covered: Puberty (physical and mental changes), Self image, friendships and relationships.

Session time 75 – 90 minutes.

‘A good emphasis on changing emotional relationships that accompany physical changes’ -Healthy Schools
Parent- ” I realised how much had been covered with my child- very tactfully done too!” – Parent

Parent- “It has been good for my son, very good, and has taught me things I would not have thought of as important. It will help me support him through his growing up.

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Operation Big School – transition play for Yr 6

big_school_a5What happens the night before you go to secondary school? What might happen on your first day? What are the teachers like, and what about the older kids? So many questions and worries – and that’s just the mums! We visit Serena , Jamie and their parents the night before secondary school , Jamie’s mum has gone into worry overdrive, whilst Serena has some unique ideas about uniform and a plan to fit right in! This fun and highly interactive play focuses on all the things that both children and their parents think about before the transition to secondary school and through humour and direct action from the audience aims to re assure and provide a safe, supportive and fun forum to discuss and plan.
Session time: 75 – 90 mins

This was such a good event, it really helped to bring out and defuse conflict points between ‘grown-up’ 11 year olds and their well-meaning but O.T.T. parents. It should be run in an evening as a seminar and it should be COMPULSORY for all parents! – Parent

I laughed so much, recognising myself in that mother character and it has provided me with the perfect non pressured opportunity to discuss what we saw with my daughter – Parent

Wilde Life – Interactive smoking /alcohol awareness/transition play for Year 5/ 6

wild_life_a5Jamie and Serena are both 12 and have been friends since nursey school. serena is a big fan of ‘Pop Stars’ – a show similar to ‘X factor’ in which ‘ordinary people’ are given a shot at fame. She is the biggest fan of this year’s winner ‘Danny Wilde’ and as his name suggests, he is wild by name and wild by nature. Danny is frequently seen falling out of clubs drunk and openly advocates a lifestyle filled with drinking and smoking.

Serena is having a bit of trouble settling in at her new school and takes Danny’s advice in an attempt to fit in with the ‘in crowd’ and be the popular girl she wants to be.

Jamie is worried because the Serena he knows is disappearing and being replaced by someone he doesn’t really like anymore – he doesn’t know how to get through to her and things come to a head when Serena tries to get him involved in her new lifestyle.

The audience see Serena’s decline, with poor schoolwork, a change in mood and after an incident where she is robbed , they are asked to step in and take control of the situation.

jamieandserena2The facilitator will invite the students to question Jamie and Serena and encourage an open discussion on why things happened, and what are the next positive steps they can take. Forum role play is then used, with the students first directing, then becoming the characters to bring the situation to a positive ending – exploring practical help and information sources.

Topics covered – smoking, alcohol, peer pressure, transition, self esteem, friendship
Session time 75 – 90 minutes

‘The best thing about the play was that it gave us a guide how to live our lives and it was funny’ pupil

‘it was enjoyable and informative, you didn’t tell them, you said ‘it’s your choice’,pupils look back and remember something like this’ – Vigo Primary