Busted – Interactive Anti Social Behaviour Play for Year 7

busted_a5A play looking at the causes and consequences of anti social behaviour for both the perpetrators and the community. Jamie and Serena are going out together and everything is great except for their mate Keira who is intent on causing trouble whenever they hang out. Kiera has been issued with an ASBO but doesn’t think it is a big deal and is determined that it won’t stop her doing what she wants. The three go to a party where the alcohol flows freely and Jamie and Serena just can’t seem to stop themselves in getting involved in whatever Kiera suggests, but are they just ‘having a laugh’ or are they getting themselves into something more serious. Using a ‘talk show’ format, the audience become involved in the events of that night and are asked to comment and question the characters on what is happening.

Topics covered – alcohol use, peer pressure, anti social behaviour, self esteem

Session time 50 minutes.

‘Fantastic as ever, enjoyed by all’ – Dartford Boys Grammar

Reality Bites – Interactive Alcohol/Smoking Awareness play for Year 8

Serena has been found drinking at school and has gone onto a t.v talk show to explain her actions and defend her ‘right to have fun’. However Jamie is worried about Serena’s drinking and has been persauded to come on the show to talk to Serena about his concerns. The show’s host asks some hard hitting questions to the pair and the audience is invited to question them and comment on their actions and views. Serena has to make a decsion to address her drinking before she looses everything and the audience are asked to suggest methods and sources of help.

‘This is an amazing resource for a school like ours, well pitched and students responded positively’ – Thamesview

Game of Life – Interactive Game show on Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy in partnership with The Beat Project

game_life_a5Jamie and Serena are both 15 and are thinking about whether they are ready to begin a sexual relationship. They take part in a game show where they are required to answer (with the audiences help) a series of questions to challenge and educate their knowledge and perceptions of issues such as safer sex, STI’s, pregnancy and services available. The game show is unique in that it has a ‘real life’ expert panel of young mums and a young persons sexual health nurse who answer the questions and give accounts of their own experiences.

This tour was piloted in 2007 with great responses from both staff, students and health professionals.
Session time : 50 minute

‘Perfect mix of fun and fact, the young mums were a great asset – the students could see them as people ‘just like them’ – thank you’ – Hillview